Improving Youth Mental Health in Australia

Female Physician

Fraser Clarke

Improving the mental health of young people in Australia will improve the nation’s economic prosperity a new report has claimed.

The joint inquiry carried out by Orygen and Headspace has made a total of 17 recommendations after it was revealed that mental illness can have a sizeable impact on an individual’s developmental milestones.

These have been refined into five key areas, with success in each of these providing a sizeable boost to the mental health of young people in the country - as well as helping to further grow the economy.

According to the report the five aims are:

  1. To increase access to effective mental health services and support for young people across all stages of mental ill-health.
  2. To improve education and workforce participation for young people with mental illnesses.
  3. To reduce self-harm and suicide-related behaviours in young people.
  4. To build a youth mental health workforce to meet current and future needs.
  5. To drive improvements through research, data, and outcome monitoring.

Speaking about the findings, CEO of Headspace, one of Australia’s biggest non-profit mental health foundations, Jason Trethowan said: “The experience and impact of mental ill-health during this life stage can derail key developmental milestones and significantly increase the risk of poor health, social, educational and employment outcomes.

“The human and economic impact then lasts for decades, right through what should be the prime years of productivity and economic participation. If you look at the total number of Australians to experience mental ill-health throughout their lifetime, half of them will have have experienced the onset by the time they’re just 14-years-old.

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