Dental Care Boost for Canadian Seniors


Fraser Clarke

Senior citizens on low incomes will have free access to dental care in Ontario, Canada, it’s been revealed.

The move is set to be included in the state’s budget for 2019, after figures showed more than 60,000 people were visiting emergency departments each year with dental conditions - many of whom were over the age of 65.

Under the proposals, those over 65 who make less than $19,300 individually (or $32,000 as a couple) annually will be eligible, with hopes high that it will help to reduce some of the burden of developed dental issues on the healthcare sector.

It is believed that the service would be accessed via public health units, community health centres, and health access centres - with mobile dental clinics likely to be implemented in the future. The total cost of the programme is estimated to be around $100m.

Is this a good idea for targeting dental issues before they become more serious, or will it have little impact on outcomes? Let us know via our social media channels.

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