Mental Health Targeted in Malta


Fraser Clarke

Mental health is under the spotlight in Malta, with recent suicide statistics leading to a call for action from the country’s youth council.

Figures presented to parliament last week showed that there were an average of 27 suicides between 2013 and 2017 annually in the country, a high figure given the population is under 450,000.

That, along with rising rates globally, has prompted the Maltese Youth Council to act, with the group consulting over 800 young people from a range of backgrounds prior to presenting their findings.

One of the most notable discoveries was that physical activity can have a positive impact on mental wellbeing, leading to calls for free or discounted access to sports facilities for young people facing mental health challenges.

Further to this the group are recommending that tight security should be in place at the country’s flagship new psychiatric hospital to prevent any illicit substances from being taken in, whilst the importance of regular mental health check-ups was stressed.

Perhaps their most surprising finding was that 49% of respondents to the report had never been taught about mental health when they were at school, whilst the transition from child and adolescent to adult support was also highlighted as being a ‘grave concern’.

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