Dental Services Needed in Malta


Fraser Clarke

People in Gozo, Malta’s largest secondary island, are in need of better dental services, with recently published research studying 332 patients at a mobile clinic on the island.

The findings, which were compiled by the University of Malta’s medical school, showed that 78% of patients required restorative treatment in their gums, whilst two-thirds of those over the age of 20 were missing teeth.

Taking a more general look at oral health in the nation, the researchers found that children’s dental health in Malta is fast deteriorating - with a notable rise in tooth erosion noted especially in pre and primary school children. Much of the blame for this has been placed on carbonated and sugary soft drinks which are often targeted at this market.

Speaking about their findings, a spokesperson for the research team said: “The findings highlight the need for provision of better dental services in Gozo, re-orientation of existing services to focus on prevention, and the introduction of evidence-based preventive strategies in schoolchildren.

“The idea is to change the environment surrounding people making it conducive to the awareness surrounding the importance of oral hygiene. Improvements in economic and educational status, accompanied by policies that promote oral health, all bring about long-term improvements in health in general.”

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