The Odyssey Guide to St John's


Fraser Clarke

To many people a move to Canada means Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal, however most expats will likely have their first job in a more remote location - and St John’s, in stunning Newfoundland and Labrador, is the most sought after of these cities.

Although geographically fairly remote, the city has charm in abundance, and the friendly locals and safe streets make it a brilliant place to call home. It certainly won’t suit everyone however, so read on to discover more about one of Canada’s most fascinating cities.

Where to live?

Unlike the vast modern metropolises we’ve previously covered in this series, St John’s is a small, charming little city that isn’t dominated by enormous skyscrapers and a hectic pace of life.

There are plenty of residential options for people looking to make the move, from larger townhouses and family homes, to character apartments in the heart of the vibrant and colourful city centre.

What is there to do?

Signal Hill - Overlooking the city, Signal Hill was previously a strategic armed forces location, however now it allows for stunning walks with views over St John’s and beyond.

The Rooms - A modern art gallery that hosts a range of art dedicated to natural and local history.

George Street - Known throughout the city as one of the best locations for a night out, George Street is home to some excellent bars and restaurants.

Where am I likely to be working?

If you move to St John’s then you’ll be working in the city itself. The small size means that it is home to just a small number of hospitals and most of these are based around the Downtown area - near the harbour.

Traffic isn’t a major issue, even at peak times, and Canada’s excellent road network makes commuting into the city centre relatively easy.

Who is suited to a move?

We think that a move to Canada is great for a younger medic looking for a long-term or permanent relocation, and St John’s is no exception.

The quaint little city can be a great place to start your Canadian adventure, with a high-quality, supportive working environment and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Combine this with great schools and it starts to look ideal for those with a family.

If financial growth is your main reason for seeking a move however we’d suggest looking elsewhere. Wages in Canada is reasonable, but the cost of living can be higher than average - and tax is paid, unlike in the Gulf.

Why move?

1 - The local economy is now stronger than ever.
2 - St John’s is home to some fantastic educational facilities for expats with families.
3 - The city is a cultural hotspot, and home to a thriving creative scene.
4 - For someone looking to avoid a hyper-developed modern city, St John’s glorious scenery can be perfect.
5 -  As you would expect from Canada the hospitals are ran to an extremely high standard, with medics offered plenty of support when needed.