The Odyssey Guide to Abu Dhabi


Fraser Clarke

Reading Time: 3 Minutes

Abu Dhabi is one of the United Arab Emirates’ most popular locations. The country’s capital is the main cultural and financial hub of the Emirates, but remains less of a hyper-developed metropolis than Dubai.

That makes it extremely appealing to expats looking for a less artificial location experience, but with all the benefits and attractions of the United Arab Emirates.

Where to live?

Abu Dhabi is home to plenty of popular locations with expats and locals alike, with the general standard of accommodation as high as you’d expect from a city with as prestigious an image.

The more suburban areas of Al Karamah and Al Rowdah are popular amongst expats with families. Close to some of the top international schools, and with great transport links to the malls, but without the hectic atmosphere of the city centre, it should little surprise that these areas are so popular with professionals looking to relax at home.

If you’re keen to be based closer to the centre of the city, then Downtown Abu Dhabi is a highly sought after and popular location. Space can be at a premium here, but the lively atmosphere and array of high quality restaurants and attractions can make it extremely appealing.

What is there to do?

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque - You couldn’t spend time in Abu Dhabi without visiting the incredible Grand Mosque, an intricately designed building and one of the biggest mosques in the world.

Yas Island - A recently developed island, and home to plenty of high quality restaurants, shops and entertainment facilities. The island also hosts Abu Dhabi’s F1 Grand-Prix.

Louvre Abu Dhabi - Only officially opened in late 2017, Abu Dhabi’s Louvre aims to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western art.

Where am I likely to be working?

Abu Dhabi is home to a range of high quality, modern hospitals, with most expats finding roles in the private sector. Burjeel Hospital is one of the most highly regarded, however it is far from alone in the standard of care on offer, with large companies like NMC and Cleveland Clinic also running facilities.

There are hospitals throughout the Emirate, however the area around Al-Bateen and Al-Eithad is especially popular.

Who is suited to a move?

Abu Dhabi can be an expensive place to call home, and it remains slightly more traditional than the expat hub of Dubai. Whilst this allows people moving there a more authentic Arab experience, it won’t suit everyone - especially younger medics, or those seeking a move with little culture.

When combined with the relatively independent working environment we believe that Abu Dhabi is best suited to an experienced medic looking to take a break from the monotony of life at home. 

Expats moving to Abu Dhabi normally stay for between two and five years, with it being increasingly unusual for someone to set-up long-term roots in the Emirate.

If you’re looking to experience a new culture, test yourself in a new environment, and live in one of the world’s most impressive cities, but don’t want to leave your home location permanently, then few locations can be better.

Why move?

1 - Abu Dhabi is a rich cultural melting pot, where you can meet people from all over the world.

2 - As the UAE aims to move on from an oil-centric economy healthcare is receiving generous investment.

3 - Abu Dhabi is becoming a growing hub for cultural activities in the Gulf, with many concerts, productions and art exhibitions visiting the Emirate.

4 - The cost of living might be high, but few locations on the planet can offer such a luxurious lifestyle.

5 - There’s always lots going on in and around the Emirate, meaning that you shouldn’t ever run out of things to see and do!

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