Oman Healthcare Roundup

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Fraser Clarke

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New Hospital for Dhofar

Oman’s Ministry of Health is set to officially open a new £2.4m hospital in the Dhofar Governorate.

Funded by Petroleum Development Oman, ‘Shaleem Hospital’ will host an outpatient clinic, emergency unit, radiology department and medical laboratory - despite having just 14 beds.

Dhofar, to the south of the country around 1,000km from Muscat, is the largest Governorate in the Sultanate by area - but is home to just 460,000 people, 340,000 of whom reside in the state capital Salalah. 

Rural Health Targeted

A voluntary initiative bringing basic healthcare to some of Oman’s most rural communities has been launched.

Eblal (or healing) aims to educate those living in the mountainous regions of the Sultanate on basic first-aid skills, and how to manage common long-term issues like high blood pressure and diabetes.

Staffed mainly by teams of medical students, the groups have travelled to areas where the nearest hospitals are more than 50km away - with residents often having little access to transport.

As well as initial visits, follow up trips are also planned to help guide villagers onto the right path when working to manage health issues, with hopes high that greater education will lead to better health outcomes for those living outwith the major cities.

Work Starts on Dialysis Centre

Muscat will soon have a new dialysis centre, with construction underway on a £2m development in the Al-Amarat area of the province.

Funded by the heirs of Abdullah bin Moosa Al-Raisi, the new centre will be home to 37 beds (ten of which will be reserved for isolation) and cover more than 1,500 square metres. 

Diabetes, the number one cause of chronic kidney disease, is becoming a major issue in Oman, with the Sultanate now home to an estimated 80,000 people battling the condition. That makes it all the more vital that more facilities are opened to help cope with the rapidly growing demand.

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