Chinese Research Links Stress & Cancer


Fraser Clarke

Researchers at Dalian University in China have revealed that chronic long-term stress can lead to a growth in Cancerous cells.

The results, published last week in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, highlight the impact of Epinephrine - a hormone produced during periods of extensive stress.

According to their findings experiencing constant, long-term, feelings of stress leads to epinephrine bonding with ADRB2 in a reaction which boosts levels of the enzyme lactate dehydrogenase.

Whilst this can provide an energy boost during a tough time for an individual, a byproduct of it is an organic compound - lactate, which cancer cells feed off to provide them with an energy boost to feed on and grow.

After this intriguing discovery, researchers then altered their focus towards combating the impact of epinephrine, with vitamin-C surprisingly shown to reduce tumour growth, albeit the effectiveness can only be assessed after extensive further research.

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