Childhood Obesity Targeted in NZ


Fraser Clarke

Read time: 1 minute

Leaked papers have revealed ambitious plans that aim to have half of children walking or cycling to school in New Zealand by 2030.

The country is home to one of the developed world’s highest childhood obesity rates, with the Ministry of Health now keen to stop this alarming trend by promoting everyday physical activity.

Documents produced by Government officials have revealed aims to have 60% of schoolchildren attending classes via ‘active transport’ by 2030, whilst an action plan is also to be introduced aimed at increasing exercise participation rates generally over the next 11 years.

As with many other locations globally, regular physical exercise rates have dropped slightly among adults in New Zealand, whilst the number of people who are physically inactive has risen to almost 15% of the total population.

This comes at a massive cost, with estimates suggesting that the cost of inactivity to the nation is over NZ$1.3bn.

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