Cervical Cancer to be Wiped Out in Australia


Fraser Clarke

Reading Time: One minute

Cervical cancer could be eliminated globally by the end of the century, with Australia on target to be the first nation to eradicate the condition completely.

Australia has long been lauded for a high take up of the HPV vaccine, with research published in the Lancet Journal showing that increasing the availability of screening and vaccines should reduce rates to around four per 100,000 women globally by 2100.

The HPV virus is responsible for more than 90% of cervical cancer cases, with estimates suggesting that 99.8% of cases in the UK are preventable - highlighting just how important it is to be vaccinated.

That has given Professor Karen Canfell, member of the research team at Cancer Council NSW who led the study, hope that elimination should be possible in the not too distant future.

She said: “Despite the enormity of the problem, our findings suggest that global elimination is within reach with tools that are already available, provided that both high coverage of HPV vaccination and cervical screening can be achieved.”

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