Boost for UAE Donors


Fraser Clarke

Organ donation in the UAE is being made easier thanks to integration with smart technology and residents’ Emirates ID cards.

Due to be launched later this year, the new smart health card will contain basic medical information about residents, including their blood type, allergies and any chronic disease - with whether or not they wish to donate their organs after death now also included.

Residents keen to become donors have to follow four simple steps, the first of which is to download the ‘Hayat’ mobile application.

After they submit their basic details (such as their name, age and Emirates ID number) via the app, an email is sent to the individuals’ registered address that, when confirmed, confirms their place on the donor register.

Director of public health policy at the Ministry of Health, Lubna Al Sha’ali, highlighted the important role that technology will play in the development.

She said: “The third phase we will use artificial intelligence to match donors with recipients based on Human Leukocyte Antigen matching and DNA verification.

“This data will be stored with us for use in future if the donor dies and their organs can be harvested.”

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