Thinking of a Move to Saudi Arabia?


Fraser Clarke

Anyone looking to work in Saudi Arabia’s healthcare sector will need to complete their ‘DataFlow’ before taking a role Odyssey have been informed.

DataFlow is the name given to the primary source verification software used by the Kingdom’s healthcare sector, with candidates uploading personal documents to prove their credentials.

Our contacts in the Kingdom have been in touch to advise us that employers are unlikely to book a new employees’ flight or accommodation until their qualifications, employment history and medical licenses have been verified by DataFlow.

Whilst this can be an inconvenience, it also represents a great opportunity for medics keen on a move to the Kingdom to get ahead of the rest. Completing your DataFlow, which will take a few hours online if you have the documents to hand, and then around a month to verify, can help to give you the edge when competing in a competitive market.

For more information, and to start your application, visit the DataFlow website.