The Odyssey Guide to - Sharjah


Fraser Clarke

Sharjah is often overlooked by expats seeking a move to the United Arab Emirates, despite being close to Dubai - and offering a high standard of living at a fraction of the price. Recently the Emirate has started developing its medical education infrastructure too - making it even more attractive to medics looking to make the UAE their home.

Where to live?

Sharjah is a relatively small Emirate compared to Dubai, and is home to just 1.4 million people (compared to Dubai’s 3.1m) making it ideal for expats seeking more space for their money.

Al Qasimia near the iconic King Faisal Mosque is a popular location, with plenty of shops, supermarkets and restaurants within easy walking distance. If you’re looking for a more scenic outlook then the waterfront town of Al Khan is popular - especially with those who are into watersports.

If you’re moving with a young family and are keen to take advantage of the extra space that a move to Sharjah can allow, then Al Falaj is a great option. It’s one of the most sought after addresses in the Emirate, and is home to some stunning family villas.

What is there to do?

Sharjah might not be home to as many attractions as Dubai, but it does have a name as the UAE’s cultural capital.

Sharjah Art Museum - Has two floors of art on display, from historical pieces to more contemporary work. It also hosts travelling exhibitions.

Al Mahatta Museum - Did you know that Sharjah was home to the first airport in the Gulf? You do now. Al Mahatta explores the history of air travel in the Emirates.

Khor Kalba Conservation Reserve - Aside from the museums, Sharjah is also home to a beautiful unspoilt nature reserve - home to plenty of stunning native species.

Where am I likely to be working?

Al Zahra and Zulekha Hospital are arguably two of the most popular with expats in Sharjah, and both offer high quality facilities. The state owned University Hospital is another option, albeit openings within the public sector are rare, and often struggle to match the salaries paid in the public sector.

It’s also possible to work in Dubai and commute, but travelling times during peak hours can be lengthy - so we wouldn’t recommend this. 

Who is suited to a move?

Sharjah is ideal for someone looking to boost their finances, but without the restrictions that can be found in Saudi Arabia.

Being located near Dubai means that there is plenty to see and do for all ages and interests, whilst the Emirates’ private schooling system is impressive. 

If you’re looking for a career boosting move however then locations such as China and New Zealand can provide a better option to enhance your skills, whilst the stifling heat (and unique culture) of the Gulf means that isn’t ideal for everyone.

We think that a move to Sharjah suits someone seeking the financial benefits of living in the Gulf, but not someone looking at a longer term move.

Why move?

There are plenty of reasons to relocate to Sharjah, here are five of the most convincing.

Finances - A low cost of living, and tax-free salary packages is a recipe for success.
Surroundings - Unlike Dubai, Sharjah still retains plenty of traditional Arabic charm
Culture - Sharjah is home to a range of museums, all of which are cheap (or even free) to visit.
Weather - Year round sun and heat makes the country ideal for those who hate cold winters and wet summers
Healthcare - With land expensive in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Sharjah is becoming a popular location amongst healthcare providers looking for space and value.

For more information about moving to Sharjah, register on our website today. A dream move could be far closer than you might imagine.