The Odyssey Guide to Shanghai


Fraser Clarke

Shanghai is one of the most sought after locations in the Far East for expats seeking a move to the region, and thanks to recent developments we’ve got a range of openings on offer in the city. Before committing to a move however, we’ve made a little guide to let you know what to expect.

Where to live?

Shanghai is enormous, and so choosing where to live is likely to depend on whereabouts you’re working. Most of the popular expat areas are near the best international schools however, with Hangqiao and Pudong two of the most sought after thanks to their high quality accommodation, local amenities and proximity to major airports.

Most expats will likely live in a high rise apartment block, with these offering a comfortable, spacious standard of living - however a small number of townhouses are available too, though they can come at a premium.

What is there to do?

As you’d expect from such large city, with such a rich history, there is plenty to see and do around Shanghai.

Nanjing Road - The most popular shopping street in the city, Nanjing Road is home to plenty of world famous brands, and smaller independent retailers.

Shanghai World Financial Centre Observation Deck - On a clear day nowhere can offer as stunning a view of the city as one of the world’s highest observation decks.

Zhujiajiao Water Town - Shanghai has an image as a modern metropolis, however venture a short distance outside and you can feel as if you’ve stepped back in time - with the Zhujiajiao’s history stretching back for more than 1700 years.

Where am I likely to be working?

As China continues to develop and invites more private investors into the country, Shanghai’s healthcare sector continues to grow. This is happening exponentially at the moment, and so it’s difficult to provide an exact hospital name or location.

What we can say however is that it’s likely that you’ll be working within the private sector, probably for a facility joint managed by both Chinese and International companies. 

Who is suited to a move?

We think that a move to China is ideal for an experienced expat medic, seeking to make a real impact overseas. As many of the facilities have only recently opened they are looking for well-trained medics to take on management and teaching roles.

Salaries, whilst high, are subject to taxation (unlike in the Gulf) and hours can be long, so a move isn’t suitable for someone looking to wind down their career whilst exploring a new country.

Why move?

There are a vast range of reasons to move to Shanghai. Here are a few of the best.

Cultural Experience - Moving to China is a unique cultural experience, and moving to Shanghai can offer a great blend between modern and traditional China.
Influence - A move to Shanghai represents an opportunity to make a real difference, where you can introduce the foundations for the future of healthcare in the city.
Safety - Despite the size of the city, Shanghai is extremely safe for expats.
Futureproof - China is home to one of the world’s fastest developing economies, and with the Gulf slowing down slightly a move to China can be close to futureproof.
Public Transport - Getting around Shanghai can seem daunting, but the city (and China in general) is home to a great public transport system - that makes exploring easy.

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