The Odyssey Guide to...Perth

Information about working as a physician in Perth Australia

Fraser Clarke

Perth is the largest city in Western Australia, and one of the biggest in the country. Often described as the world’s most remote city - it sits more than 2,100 kilometers from the next nearest Australian city, Adelaide. Perth is a vibrant hub, flanked by attractive suburbs and miles of stunning coastline.

Who is suited to a move?

Relocating to Australia is ideal for a medic with a decent wedge of experience back home, but with a desire to take their skills overseas as part of a long-term move. The country is fantastic for raising a family and, unlike some locations in the Gulf and Asia, many people make a move from Europe and don’t return.

Perth is home to a relatively young workforce, and as a result there are plenty of opportunities for recently trained medics. After three, four of five years experience in your homeland you should be ready to make a real impact.

If you’re looking to leave Britain, Europe or America behind for good, but don’t want a totally alien culture, then Australia (and Perth especially) is probably an ideal location.

What is there to do?

Perth has plenty of attractions, but here are three of the most popular.

The Art Gallery of Western Australia - For fans of both traditional and contemporary art, the Art Gallery of WA is home to one of the finest collections in the country. Having first opened its doors in the late 1800s it is one of the most historic galleries in the country, and that is reflected in the rich collections on display.

King’s Park and Botanic Garden - If you’re moving to Australia you’ll want to spend some time outside, enjoying the great weather and stunning scenery. Where better to do that than in King’s Park? Located near the main business district of the city, it’s an oasis of calm that can feel like another world.

The WACA - Cricket seems to be a very popular hobby with many of our candidates, and in Australia it’s part of everyday life. The world renowned WACA isn’t just an impressive stadium either, it’s also home to a museum looking at the history of the sport - and others - in Western Australia.

Where am I likely to be working?

For some cities and towns this is easy to answer. There are often only a small number of high quality medical facilities, and so it’s easy to pinpoint the main hospitals and clinics. In Perth this isn’t the case however, with a vast array of hospitals, clinics, health centres and GP surgeries all operating to a high standard.

If recent trends are to be replicated however, we’ve seen a large demand for General Practitioners in the area. Almost exclusively these roles are within neighbourhood practices - based out of the city centre in the smaller suburban towns.

Where to live?

Perth has plenty of attractive places to live, from modern apartments in the heart of the city, to spacious villas in quiet suburbs.

Where you’ll work will probably decide where is best for you to live, but the city’s strong infrastructure makes it relatively easy to commute into the heart of the city from anywhere nearby.

East Perth was recently named as Australia’s most lifestyle friendly suburb, mixing green space with a quick and easy commute to the city centre. Prices are high here, and space can be at a premium, so many people choose to look further afield at places like Swanbourne, Ashfield or Highgate.

Here prices are considerably lower, allowing you to get more space for your money, whilst commute times remain manageable.

Why move?

How many reasons to you need for moving to Perth? How about five?

  • The Lifestyle is great. Laid back and relaxed, but with a buzz that other Australian cities can’t match.
  • Perth is home to plenty of job opportunities, especially for General Practitioners.
  • A lower cost of living than many other major cities in Australia - with property prices considerably lower than in Melbourne or Sydney.
  • Last year Perth became the first city in Australia to offer a direct flight to London - making travelling home a whole lot easier.
  • Perth’s architecture and history make it an extremely attractive place to call home. Don’t fear that you’ll be living in the dusty outback, there are plenty of attractive historical buildings, and modern skyscrapers.

For more information about moving to Western Australia, register on our website today. A dream move could be far closer than you might imagine.