The Odyssey Guide to Auckland


Fraser Clarke

New Zealand has always attracted a steady stream of people seeking a better life overseas, and Auckland is often the most sought after destination. Ranked as the third best city in the world for quality of life, it should come as little surprise that a move comes at a price - however it’s one worth paying if you’re looking for a lifestyle enhancing change.

Where to live?

Auckland has plenty of locations to choose from for all kinds of expats. Whether you’re a young medic looking for a vibrant community, or a more experienced physician seeking a slower pace of life, here are three of the most popular.

Best for young medics - We’ve had a few more junior roles on offer in Auckland over the past year, and Ponsonby is always popular with a young crowd.

Close to the city centre, but with a bustling selection of independent businesses and a great local music scene, it’s perfect for someone looking to be in the heart of the action.

Best for families - Parnell is one of New Zealand’s most sought after locations, sitting just two kilometers from the city centre, it offers a slower pace of life, high quality local amenities and some stunning family homes.

Best for more experienced medics - Mangere Bridge is ideal for those seeking a quieter life, whilst still being only half-an-hour from the centre of Auckland. This scenic little suburb can offer great accommodation and a range of community groups.

What is there to do?

Queen Street - Auckland’s main shopping area, Queen Street is in the bustling heart of the city.

Auckland Art Gallery Toi O Tamaki - Host of the biggest collection of national and international art in New Zealand, this isn’t one to miss out on.

Waiheke Island - No visit to New Zealand would be complete without visiting a vineyard, and Waiheke Island is home to one of the country’s most scenic.

Where am I likely to be working?

When you first move to New Zealand it’s likely that you’ll be working in a more rural setting away from major cities like Auckland, however if you do manage to find a role in the city then it’ll likely be in a medium sized hospital.

Aside from Auckland City Hospital itself, Auckland has few large medical facilities - allowing physicians to build up a strong relationship as a member of a smaller team. These can offer a high standard of care within a modern environment.

If a move to Auckland is more of a long-term goal, and you’re working outside of the city, then you’ll likely find yourself in a District Hospital. Again these tend to be relatively small in size, but play a vital role in the healthcare of a semi-rural community.

Who is suited to a move?

We believe that a move is perfectly suited to someone looking for a long-term relocation. Auckland’s high standard of living, educational facilities and medical care makes it idea for raising a family - whilst New Zealand’s stunning scenery and busy cities can be great fun to explore.

For someone moving from Western Europe there will be little culture shock and - distance aside - it’s hard to think of an immediate downside.

If you’re solely focused on enhancing your finances, or experiencing a totally unique culture, then we’d probably recommend elsewhere, however for anyone else few locations can offer such long-term stability as New Zealand.

Why move?

Here are five reasons to go for it!

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