Singapore to Ban Sugary Drinks?


Fraser Clarke

It’s been revealed that Singapore could become the first country in the world to introduce an outright ban on sugary drinks.

Already known globally for its ban on chewing gum, the country’s Ministry of Health are now seeking views on four proposals targeting beverages packed with excessive sugar.

These comprise an outright ban on pre-packed drinks containing more of six teaspoons of sugar, the introduction of a single or tiered tax on high sugar drinks, mandatory front of packing warnings about the sugar content, or a nationwide ban on all adverts for beverages that are high in sugar.

At the moment sugary drinks are already banned in schools and government buildings, however with almost half of Singapore’s sugar intake coming from drinks further action is urgently required.

Sugary beverages aren’t the only unhealthy lifestyle choice being targeted on the island however, with Orchard Road becoming the first smoke free area in the country.

Introduced on January 1, those looking to light-up are now only permitted to do so within designated smoking areas around the precinct. At the moment they’ll only be asked to move to these areas by wardens - however by spring enforcement action will begin to be taken.

Citing the success of Scotland’s 2006 smoking ban, and the positive impact of not exposing people to passive smoking, experts are now hopeful that the ban will encourage more people to stub out the habit.

Running for over 2.5km between Tanglin Mall and Dhoby Ghaut Metro Station, the scheme could be a prelude to a much larger nationwide ban.

Singapore is home to one of the most dynamic and forward thinking healthcare sectors on the planet. As a result job opportunities are infrequent, and employers are always looking for the highest quality of candidate.

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