Malta - Europe's Healthcare Hub

Malta becomes a healthcare hub of Europe

Fraser Clarke

Malta has set its sights on becoming a European healthcare hub, by inviting private investors to make the island a health tourism capital.

Despite its small size, Malta has a rich history as a healthcare power. From opening its first public hospital back in 1327, to providing healthcare during World War 1, it’s little surprise that the country is known as ‘The Nurse of the Mediterranean’. Now however it’s keen to start developing for the future, by investing in world class technology and talent to cement its position as a hub for health tourism. 

To combat the demands that come with an ageing population, the Maltese Government has introduced policies aimed at attracting private investors.

A major part of this has been the establishment of new partnerships with international healthcare providers and some of the world’s most highly regarded medical schools.

Of the healthcare groups entering the country, Vitals Global were one of the first, with the group investing €220m in two Maltese hospitals and one in the nearby island of Gozo, aimed at attracting medical tourists from throughout Europe. After two years the Maltese arm of VG was bought out by Texas based Steward Health Care, who have continued to develop facilities in the country.

Medical tourism isn’t the only focus in Malta however, the country is also committed to investing in the next generation of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals. 

A brand new medical school in Gozo opened its doors in September 2017, run by Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, whilst the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland made Malta a centre for examinations.

That means that a move to the country isn’t just for someone looking to develop their own professional skills, it’s also ideal for someone interested in educating the next generation of medical staff.

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