Elementary Health Checks in Saudi


Fraser Clarke

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Health has launched a new campaign focused on the wellbeing of school children in the Kingdom.

Government officials are hopeful that the new joint Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education venture will reach around 50% of the country’s elementary school pupils, with the scheme encouraging healthy lifestyles and carrying out a range of tests aimed at detecting any future health issues at an early stage.

The tests will cover an array of areas; from dental health to vision, hearing and behavioral examinations.

A social media campaign is also being launched to help raise awareness for those who aren’t taking part, with the importance of regular check-ups and early diagnosis being stressed throughout these.

Saudi Arabia has a major issue with childhood health, with WHO statistics showing that a staggering 17.1% of children under the age of five are overweight or obese in the Kingdom. Not only will this put them at a greater risk of serious health issues in later life, it can also put a major strain on the country’s healthcare system.

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