Australia Targets Sugary Drinks


Fraser Clarke

A controversial new advertising campaign raising awareness of the impact sugary beverages can have on dental health has been launched in Australia.

Labelled ‘misguided’ and ‘lacking evidence’ by the Australian Beverages Council, the new joint group campaign shows glamorous soft drink consumers with rotten teeth and serious dental decay.

The Australian Dental Association and Diabetes Australia are two of the biggest supporters of the new campaign, with a total of 14 community health groups calling for the implementation of a new six point plan to reduce consumption in the country.

This comprises:

  • A 20% levy on sugary drinks
  • A Government backed marketing campaign to raise awareness of the health risks associated with sugary drinks
  • Restrictions on marketing targeted at children
  • Restrictions on the sale of beverages at schools, state buildings and children’s sports events
  • State policies to reduce the availability of sugary drinks in the workplace
  • Easy access to fluoridated tap water

Dramatic tooth decay has been found in people who consume more than 1.5 litres of sugary soft drinks daily, with hopes high that the shocking nature of the new campaign will get it noticed by more young people.

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