Cost of Healthcare Rising in UAE


Fraser Clarke

Healthcare costs in the United Arab Emirates are on the rise according to a newly published report.

Analysing data from 2017, the cost of medical support in the Emirates rose by 9.9% over the year - a remarkable 20% higher than the increase recorded in Singapore.

In the report, published by global investment advisors Willis Towers Watson, medical inflation globally has been shown to sit at around 10% - creating a greater than ever need for more sustainable and managed healthcare solutions. 

Speaking about the challenges facing the Emirates, Simon Stirzaker, regional health and benefits leader at Al Futtaim Willis, said: “Medical costs in the UAE are clearly rising at an unsustainable rate - if medical inflation continues on its current trajectory then the cost of providing medical insurance benefits will become higher than payroll.

“A key part of the problem is that the consumers of healthcare services (workers who are insured) tend to be disconnected from the actual cost of the services they are using. 

“Despite this The UAE has made significant and admirable progress in the health care sector, particularly in facilitating access to quality health care for its residents.

“The challenge now is to build on these achievements whilst controlling costs.”

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