Singapore Unites Against Diabetes


Fraser Clarke

Singapore’s Government has unveiled plans aimed at tackling growing diabetes rates in the country.

Made public by Health Minister Gan Kim Yong on World Diabetes Day (November 4), the new scheme is focused on integrating healthy decision making into everyday life for Singaporeans.

Yong told a press conference: “The War on Diabetes has provided us with a strong foundation to do more and do better in terms of health promotion. 

“Besides improvements in terms of healthier food quality and more physical activity, we need to better integrate, coordinate and scale up efforts to infuse health into every aspect of Singaporeans’ lives

“The task force will focus on the ‘three ‘E’s’ that will contribute towards infusing health into various aspects of our lives. These are changes to our living environment, empowerment of individuals through technology, and engagement of our communities with better service delivery and programming.”

Organised with the secretaries for transport, education and manpower, social development and home affairs, public consultation sessions will be held from January until May next year, asking citizens for advice on promoting healthy lifestyle changes.

Authorities have already successfully implemented plans aimed at improving diets nationwide, with more than 6,500 stalls and cafes now offering at least one healthier option on their menu.

Chairman of the new task force, Amrin Amin, highlighted how important it is not to underestimate the scale of the challenge.

He added: “Improving the health of all Singaporeans is a massive effort that cannot be solely undertaken by any single agency. It also needs the support of the private sector as well as the community. We hope that the task force’s work will make significant strides towards transforming the health landscape.”

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