Diabetes Rates in the Gulf Could Double


Fraser Clarke

Experts have called for even stricter laws on junk food and greater promotion of healthy lifestyle choices to prevent diabetes rates hitting epidemic levels in the Gulf.

Current trends suggest that the number of people with the condition in the Gulf could more than double over the next 25 years - with researchers from the International Diabetes Federation slating the region’s lack of urgency.

The one exception was Saudi Arabia, where more than 4 million people are estimated to have the condition. In an attempt to combat this, heavy taxes have been introduced on sugary treats, whilst a focus on prevention over cure care has been introduced to prevent a future health crisis.

Figures suggest that the Middle East and North Africa region is home to over 40 million diabetics - with five out of the top ten countries for diabetic prevalence being in the region. 

A range of geographical, developmental and social factors have been given for this world leading figure, with hot climates, poor pedestrian infrastructure, traditional diets and a lack of exercise all playing a major role.

This makes attempts to reduce the rise in Diabetes rates to 0% by 2025 appear impossible, with only four countries globally on track to achieve the goal.

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