Saudi Requires 178,000 More Beds by 2050


Fraser Clarke

Saudi Arabia could require more than 178,000 new hospital beds by 2050 to cope with a growing and ageing population.

According to a comprehensive new report published by Colliers International, longer life expectancies, rocketing rates of obesity and diabetes and an estimated 19 million births over the next 32 years present the Kingdom’s sector with a real challenge for the future.

Estimates suggest that Saudi healthcare leaders will now need to raise between $23.6bn and $37.3bn to bring the country in line with the global average of 2.7 beds per 1,000 people.

To help prepare for the changes, the report’s authors recommend targeting the region’s changing demographics. Over the next 20 years the ‘babyboomers’ will be replaced by generation X, Y. Z as the largest group.

Disease patterns will change with the demographics, with this group more likely to suffer from chronic conditions and cardiovascular issues.

This has prompted the report too call for the more introduction of more long-term care facilities, and centres of excellence focused on areas like Ophthalmology, Cosmetic Surgery and Sports Injury management.

Mansoor Ahmed, Director of Healthcare, Education and Public/Private Partnership at Colliers International, said: ““Healthcare providers and professionals are grappling with several challenges concurrently, such as patients becoming customers and the patientcare transitioning from ‘fee for quality’ rather than ‘fee for service’.

“Coupled with new compliance requirements that aim at growing wellness and prevention whilst ensuring better coordination and efficiency, we hope we can add depth and complexity to an increasingly competitive marketplace.”

Healthcare in Saudi Arabia looks set to continue to grow to cope with demands outlined in the report, and that’s great news for anyone thinking of a move to the country. For more information, and job alerts register on our website today. A dream move could be closer than you might imagine.