Dubai - Breast Cancer Awareness


Fraser Clarke

Dubai’s Ministry of Health has launched a new month long campaign aimed at raising Breast Cancer awareness in the Emirate.

The campaign will place a major focus on the importance of undergoing regular screening checks, with the recovery rate from the condition rising by almost 90% when it’s caught at an early stage.

A mobile mammography clinic will tour the Emirate during the month, with results, information and support available on site. 

Further to this, the Ministry is hosting a range of activities and events focused on the issue, with hopes high that the increased awareness will help the UAE meet its 2021 and 2025 health goals.

Speaking about the campaign, assistant undersecretary for health clinics and centres, Dr Hussein Abdel Rahman Rand, said: “The Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention Program is part of the Itmenan campaign, which involves the Universal Periodic Examination and Early Detection of Cancer initiatives adopted by the Council of Ministers. The campaign seeks to reduce cancer morbidity and mortality rates in the country.

“The ministry is promoting a healthy lifestyle in local communities, by collaborating with its partners in implementing the provisions of the National Strategy for the Control of Noncommunicable Diseases 2017-2021.

“This partnership corresponds with the ministry’s core strategy to provide a comprehensive and integrated health care system delivered in innovative and sustainable ways.”

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