Bahrain to Host Dermatology Exhibition


Fraser Clarke

Bahrain will welcome some of the world’s leading experts in dermatology and plastic surgery next month, as the country hosts its first event focused on skincare and aesthetics.

Scheduled for November 29 and 30 at Manama’s Crowne Plaza, the Bahrain Dermatology, Laser and Aesthetics conference and exhibition will combine a series of workshops and seminars, with the ultimate aim of engaging patients more effectively to improve health outcomes.

Of the workshops on offer, five are focused directly on fitting into the Bahraini healthcare system - whilst others look at minimally invasive surgery, burns treatment and areas like Botox and fillers.

Dr Nidal Abdulrahman Khalifa, the conference’s President, outlined the goals that she has set.

She said: “We aim to promote these practices to enhance the Bahraini practice. We hope to advance the skills of Bahraini doctors, technicians and authorised practitioners. We also intend to spread awareness of non-qualified personnel that perform cosmetic medical procedures, and the harmful health complications and the issues that can arise.

“The conference is also hosting roundtable discussions with key personnel to reach key recommendations to shape the future of the Dermatology, laser and aesthetics field in Bahrain.”

Whilst Dr Ahmed Darwish Shada, Dr Rahman’s deputy, added: “This conference and exhibition is part of the national plan of Bahrain to be a world-class destination in the field of medical training and tourism.

“This builds on the talented human capital, forward-thinking government and strategic location of Bahrain. The conference is an excellent chance to follow up on the latest scientific research, and the current international techniques in the field of Dermatology and plastic surgery.”

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