Australia - Mental Health & Wealth


Fraser Clarke

A new study has shown a direct link between mental health and wealth in Australia.

The research, published this month in the Health Sociology Review journal, showed that a person’s income and wealth directed impacted a range of mental health factors - but had no bearing on physical health.

Dr Garth Kendall, lead author of the report, explained the findings.

He said: “We wanted to determine whether the socio-economic gap seen in many health outcomes in high-income countries, such as Australia, is best explained by differences in individuals' perceived economic security as determined by their levels of income and wealth.

“We found that income and wealth both influenced mental health, but a person's perception of their economic security is better explained by income than wealth. This is because income can be used to purchase goods and services to fund consumption on a day-to-day basis, which is more likely to affect one's perception of economic security.”

The report now recommends the introduction of policies that will help open up more opportunities to people to earn a greater income, whilst reducing the socio-economic gap that clearly exists in the country.

Australia has always been a popular destination with expats, especially those seeking a change from the NHS. 

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