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Fraser Clarke

It can be difficult to know where to start when planning a move overseas, especially if you aren’t fully sure where your future could lie. 

That’s why our latest Odyssey Exclusive series ‘At a Glance’ will help provide you with a quick overview of each location we work with, to help you decide if a move to the country could be worth pursuing.

Article Six - China

Where is it?

China is such a vast country that the distance from London varies greatly. The capital, Beijing, is just over 5,000 miles away however, and there are plenty of regular flights available from Heathrow - with a travel time of just under ten hours.

Despite tts size, getting about China isn’t too difficult. The major cities all have outstanding public transport systems, whilst exploring further afield locations can easily be done via plenty of regular (well priced) flights.

How is Healthcare Structured?

China’s healthcare system has developed and changed drastically over the past two decades, with increasing immigration and the country’s rapidly growing wealth helping to shape a futureproof model.

Healthcare is mainly hospital focused in China, with patients usually going directly to specialists for support.

As with most other locations, the market is split into public and private facilities, however the public sector is not as attractive to expats.

Almost all expats (and a sizeable chunk of the new Chinese middle class) will have private health insurance, and this provides them with access to an ever-growing market of high quality facilities.

China is keen to reach the highest standard possible in healthcare, and there is a growing Western presence in the market. Many of these new ventures are actively seeking experienced Western medics to help build departments.

This, combined with attractive salaries and an opportunity to experience a new culture, makes a move very attractive to medical professionals keen to leave a legacy.

What will I need?

We have plenty of opportunities on offer in China at the moment, for Consultants and medics looking to lead departments. All the roles have unique criteria, but most will look for:

  • A Medical degree from a WHO approved school
  • Western residency (UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa etc)
  • Ideally at least five years experience
  • Board certification or specialist registration
  • Under the age of 60
  • The enthusiasm to make a lasting impact

What are the positives?

  • An opportunity to shape healthcare for the future
  • Great for career progression
  • A fascinating local culture
  • Safe surroundings
  • Good job security
  • Incredible modern facilities

What are the negatives?

  • Tax rates make a move less financially rewarding than the Gulf
  • Heavily developed busy cities aren’t for everyone
  • Air pollution in Beijing is a serious issue
  • The cost of living can be high in the major expat hubs 

Current Roles

We’ve got plenty on offer in China on our website, here are three of the most popular.

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