Where is the World's Most Efficient Healthcare System?


Fraser Clarke

Singapore has once again been named as one of the world’s most efficient healthcare systems, with Australia and the United Arab Emirates also securing places in the top five.

Bloomberg’s Annual Healthcare Efficiency Report for 2018 studied more than 200 countries with populations above five million, and scored each based on the value for money of the healthcare outcomes achieved.

Hong Kong topped the report, with a high life expectancy of 84.3 being recorded - despite just 5.7% of GDP Per Capita income being spent on medical care. Singapore followed, with Spain, Italy and South Korea rounding out the top five - albeit more than 16% behind the leading duo.

Elsewhere Australia jumped two places to eighth position, despite showing the highest average cost in the top ten. The UAE meanwhile dropped a position to tenth, but notably remained above Norway, Switzerland and France.

Despite worryingly high youth suicide rates, New Zealand remained 15th, albeit with a life expectancy that was over a year lower than near-neighbour Australia. Canada also remained in a stable position - 16th - some 39 places above the United States.

China dropped by one to 20th, with the country’s slowly increasing life expectancy still below many other Asian locations.

Despite the UAE’s strong performance it wasn’t all good news for the Gulf, with Saudi Arabia falling behind Germany into 46th position.

Chile (-23), the Dominican Republic (-15) and the United Kingdom (-14) showed the biggest drops, whilst Thailand (+14) and Norway (+9) demonstrated the greatest improvements in efficiency.

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