Singapore - Project Silver Screen


Fraser Clarke

Singapore’s Ministry of Health has launched a new screening programme focusing on those over the age of 60.

Known as ‘Project Silver Screen’, the new campaign will provide free or subsidised screening for hearing, eyesight and oral issues to the country’s growing elderly population.

The cost will range from S$2 to S$5 per person, with the pioneer generation - those born before 1950 - being given complimentary access to thank them for their contribution to society.

By making screening more readily available to the elderly, the Singaporean Government hope that they can identify potential issues at an early stage - to ensure that the best possible outcomes can be met.

Likewise, research compiled by John Hopkins University has shown the links between issues with hearing and other problems like falls - potentially increasing the strain on the country’s healthcare sector.

In the small amount of screening carried out so far, almost 50% of people had issues with their vision, a third had dental problems and 70% had at least mild hearing loss.

Following diagnosis a voucher scheme will allow patients between S$15 (£8) and S$200 (£110) off a range of equipment - such as glasses, dentures and hearing aids.

Speaking at the launch event for the new campaign, Health Minister Gan Kim Yong, said: “Through the functional screenings we hope to be able to detect their conditions early to prevent early deterioration. This way, we will be able to help our seniors stay healthy and stay well longer.

“Beyond chronic conditions, we are also concerned about how to help them maintain their functional abilities so that they can remain active.”

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