King's College Grow in Dubai


Fraser Clarke

King’s College Hospital have officially opened their new facility in Dubai’s stunning marina - the first in the area which will work to NHS standards.

The London based group already run a flagship facility in Abu Dhabi, as well as a smaller clinic in Dubai, however the new medical centre represents a big step forward for their presence in the Emirates.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Director General of Dubai Health Authority, Humaid Al-Qatami, said: “The DHA is keen to support private sector investment, and such reputed centres with decades of experience and expertise help provide the population in Dubai with high-quality health care services.

“Investment in the private health sector has witnessed sustained growth, and the DHA recently launched a health investment strategy, with the aim of promoting Dubai as a viable and competitive hub for need-based investment in healthcare.”

Whilst newly appointed CEO of the hospital, Christian Schuhmacher, added: “Our utilisation results over the past year of other KCH facilities in the UAE not only demonstrate KCH’s unwavering commitment to healthcare in the UAE, but also show the real progress we are making in delivering evidence-based healthcare.”

Schumacher was also keen to highlight one of the main aims of the new facility - to provide the most financially efficient standard of care.

He continued: “Through only treating and prescribing what is scientifically necessary, we are ensuring that we are continually offering the most cost effective treatment options for our patients.”

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