Rare Surgery in Ras-Al-Khamaih


Fraser Clarke

Medics at RAK Hospital in the UAE successfully restored the vision of a patient suffering from Optic Neuritis following complex, rare surgery.

Neuromyelitis optica as the condition is officially known is an uncommon issue, affecting a patient's spinal chords and optic nerves. The symptoms can vary on a case-by-case basis, but commonly include eye pain, shooting pains in the legs and in severe cases intermittent loss of vision.

In this example the patient, a diabetic, also suffered from Positive Anti MOG syndrome, leaving his eyes resistant to antibiotics, and creating further complications.

This made the pain even more severe, whilst the patient also found himself regularly losing the vision in both eyes. As a result surgery was the only option.

Dr Sweta Adatia, Consultant Neurologist who carried out the surgery, explained the challenges she faced.

She said: “Being diabetic and having the presence of anti MOG positive antibodies created several issues in the patient, including his inconsistent response to steroids and constant fluctuation in sugar levels.

“Tapering high dosage of steroids, essential for the treatment, immediately led to repeated attacks, while other immune therapies didn’t help either.

“There have only been a few hundred such cases recorded so far where the patient with Optic Neuritis was found positive for the MOG antibody, causing the condition to relapse despite treatment with steroids and other immunosuppressive agents. 

“This obviously meant we hardly had any evidential data to support us during the treatment plan. However, despite encountering several obstacles, we were eventually successful in stabilising the attacks with the help of pulsed steroid therapy while maintaining the regular oral steroids.”

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