GP Clinic Psychologists in New Zealand


Fraser Clarke

Psychologists could soon be based in GP clinics in New Zealand, as the country attempts to help ease its mental health crisis.

Based at the Kouri Integrated Family Health Centre in Palmerston North, hopes are high that early intervention could be the key in preventing more serious mental health cases from developing.

The new pilot scheme is being developed with two major aims; to help people experiencing mild to moderate mental health conditions that could be at risk of escalating, and to help de-stigmatise mental illness.

Often people battling mental health conditions experience fear or anxiety when faced with the prospect of asking for specialist help and support, and so by basing a psychologist in the familiar surroundings of a GP’s clinic part of this hurdle should be removed.

Speaking about the plan, Clinical Director for Kauri Healthcare, Dr Anna Skinner, said: “It has been amazing to have expert and effective psychological interventions available on the same day to patients with mental health needs, as well as to those with long-term conditions who really benefit from support to acknowledge, accept and manage their complex health conditions.”

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