Five Attractions of Saudi Arabia

Mosque on Jeddah Corniche Saudi Arabia

Fraser Clarke

Making a move is about much more than simply boosting your earnings or challenging yourself professionally. It also gives you the opportunity to explore a new part of the world.

That’s a major attraction for many of the expats we work with, so in our new series we’re going to look at five major attractions to some of our most popular locations.

Part 4 - Five Attractions of Saudi Arabia

Read any guide to Saudi Arabia and it’ll immediately mention finances. A move can be extremely rewarding financially, however we’re keen to be a bit different and look at the other reasons for the Desert Kingdom’s popularity.

1 - Changing Attitudes

People used to be put off a move to Saudi Arabia by the traditional rules and attitudes that defined the country - and restricted those in it. Things are now changing however, and with the Royal Family keen to encourage more people to the Kingdom, big changes have already been noticed worldwide.

Saudi was famous for not allowing women to drive, but that changed in June of this year. Likewise rules around dress codes and music have been relaxed as the country attempts to build a more tourist friendly image.

That’s great news for expats, who can secure a move to the Kingdom now, with interest expected to rise exponentially over the next decade.

2 - A Unique Experience

Often when people refer to the culture of Saudi Arabia they are speaking about the religion, and it’s true that Islam does dominate everyday life. There are other unique experiences in the country though.

Whether it’s enjoying traditional food in the desert, or simply seeing animals transported around in the back of a pick-up truck, Saudi is a location that will leave you with a different story to tell for every day spent there.

3 - Family Life

Whilst talk of finances dominates any discussion about a move to Saudi, the positive impact that it can have on your family life is also something that is regularly mentioned.

The Saudi lifestyle is built around spending time with your family, so expect shorter than average working hours and plenty of national holidays. There are also plenty of family friendly restaurants and facilities, making the Kingdom ideal for those looking for more family time.

4 - Ideal Location

Saudi Arabia isn’t just in the heart of the Gulf region, it’s practically in the middle of the world, making it ideal for travelling around the planet. From Jeddah you can reach Dubai in two hours, India or Paris in five and Australia in 12.

You’ll rarely meet someone living in Saudi who isn’t well travelled, with regular well-priced flights available to help you take advantage of the extra time away from the workplace.

5 - Tourism

It might seem hard to believe based on stereotypes from the Kingdom, but Saudi Arabia is building a growing list of tourist attractions. Whether it’s one of the country’s World Heritage Sites like Turaif fort, the National Museum in Riyadh or even the new Al Shallal Theme Park, you might be surprised by just how much it has to offer.

To start your Odyssey to Saudi Arabia, register on our website today. A dream move could be far closer than you might imagine.