5 Things to Know About Guangzhou

A Map of China

Fraser Clarke

We’re noticing a steady stream of expats showing interest in moving to China, and with the country developing at an incredible rate that’s hardly a surprise.

Many people know about the major hubs of Beijing and (especially) Shanghai, however few people know much about the southern city of Guangzhou which is rapidly developing, and becoming a real favourite with expats.

Here are five things to know about China’s ‘Flower City’.

1 - An Ideal Location

Guangzhou is located in Southern China, more than 1,400 miles from Shanghai and 2,000 from Beijing. It’s far from isolated though, with ever-popular Hong Kong reachable in under two hours via regular trains, and Macau just a 90 mile drive away.

High-speed trains also link the city with Zhuhai, known as the Chinese riviera.

2 - Traditional Charm & Expat Hubs

Whether you’re planning on living in a modern skyscraper in the heart of the city or a quieter expat dominated community, Guangzhou can offer both.

Tianhe is the most popular expat suburb, located just 20 minutes to the east of the city centre. Liwan and Haizhu are also popular thanks to a large expat community, and a good variety of local restaurants and amenities.

For someone seeking a quieter life the neighbourhoods of Panyu and Baiyun offer a good standard of living without as much hustle and bustle as the city.

3 - Shopper’s Paradise

Guangzhou is renowned throughout Asia as somewhat of a shopper's paradise. The city is a major hub for the creation of goods, and as a result prices are low and the variety is unlikely to be beaten. Expect a considerably lower cost of living than in Beijing, Shanghai and Macau.

It’s also home to some of China’s best shopping malls and supermarkets, making it easy to find Western goods, fresh food and plenty of bargains.

4 - Laid Back Lifestyle

China’s major cities are famed for their busy, high intensity lifestyle. In Guangzhou though everything feels a little more laid back.

The pace of life is a little slower, and everyone seems more content to actually enjoy life. Walks, parks, restaurants and cultural activities are all more popular than elsewhere, and despite being large the city has more of a homely feel to it when compared to the major hubs.

5 - International Schooling

China is famed for how high quality its education system is. Every year attainment levels seem to rise, with education considered by many families to be the single most important factor in a child’s development.

As a result it should come as little surprise that China is home to some outstanding international schools.

The best are highly sought after however, so make sure to apply and secure your child’s place prior to boarding the plane - to avoid any hold ups or disappointment.

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