What's Your Stroke Risk?


Fraser Clarke

Researchers in Ottawa, Canada, have published a new online calculator that can tell people how likely they are to have a stroke within the next four years.

Based on data from ‘Statistics Canada’s’ health surveys, the new application calculates a person's risk based on those who have suffered a stroke or other serious cardiovascular condition whilst leading a similar lifestyle.

The program asks users to input details about their tobacco and alcohol consumption, fruit and veg intake, underlying health conditions and their height and weight.

Powered by the latest ‘Big Data’ technology, the research can also predict how long the user can expect to live, showing the data on a sliding scale based on their estimated heart age.

Lead author of the research, Dr Doug Manuel, explained why he believes the new development is truly unique. He said: “We hope this tool can help people and their care team with better information about healthy living and options for reducing their risk of heart attack and stroke.

“Doctors will check your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, but they don’t necessarily ask about lifestyle factors that could put you at risk of developing heart conditions.

“What sets this cardiovascular risk calculator apart is that it looks at healthy living whilst being better calibrated to the Canadian population.”

Would you be interested in finding out how at risk you are? You can have a look at your score by using the calculator here.

Lifestyle related health conditions are a major issue worldwide, and Canada is no exception. Is this a good idea to help target the issues, or is it just a gimmick that will have no impact on people’s lives? Let us know on our social media channels.