Virtual Reality Helping Stroke Patients - UAE


Fraser Clarke

Stroke patients are set to benefit from the latest Virtual Reality technology in the United Arab Emirates.

As part of the UAE’s nationwide strategy for Virtual Reality (VR) stroke patients can be assisted during their rehabilitation by the technology, with different everyday activities displayed on the headset to help the recovery of the upper body.

Stroke patients aren’t the only beneficiaries either, the technology can also be used to help children with developmental disorders - especially those who struggle socially - without any side effects, and within a safe environment. 

Likewise benefits have been noted in the visual cognitive skills of Cerebral Palsy patients and in the quality of life enjoyed by those with Parkinson’s syndrome.

Speaking about the developments, assistant undersecretary for hospitals at the UAE’s Ministry of Health, Dr Yousuf Mohammad Al-Serkal, said: “We are keen to fully integrate artificial intelligence into medical services to boost the future of healthcare, to create pathways and proactive solutions to enhance patient happiness and to achieve the goals of the National Agenda 2030 for sustainable development. 

“In addition, we aim to position the UAE as a leading global destination for healthcare in line with the UAE’s Vision for 2021 to provide a world-class healthcare system, using smart technology based on national indicators and performance standards, and through the adoption of the global best practices.”

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