NEW REPORT: Saudi Population in Good Health


Fraser Clarke

Almost 95% of the Saudi population are generally in good health, according to a new report published this week.

The findings, which covered all 13 provinces in the Kingdom between November and December of last year, found that 94.2% of the population are in good health - with a quarter of people over the age of 15 going for regular medical check-ups.

Despite this however the rate of chronic conditions remains high - especially in females over the age of 65.

Diabetes was an exception, with the condition affecting roughly one in ten Saudis - mainly men.

Rates of Heart Disease were also high, with an estimated 1.14% of the population battling conditions that are closely linked with unhealthy lifestyle choices.

On publication of the survey a spokesman for GaStat who compiled it said: “The survey was carried out conforming to international standards adopted by the World Health Organization and the United Nations. The indicators of the study included marriage, fertility, child and maternal health, infant mortality, car accidents and smoking.

“The statistics will be the main source of demographic information for preparing development plans in the health and social care sectors at a national level.”

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