Hospitals in Dubai Set to be Star-Rated


Fraser Clarke

Hospitals and clinics in Dubai are set to be given hotel style star-ratings from next year.

Under the new scheme both public and private facilities will be rated based on five pillars: Clinical quality, finances, operational support, patient happiness and patient safety, to give those in need of medical care easy to use assistance when deciding where to have procedures carried out.

Speaking at a press conference arranged to publish the news, CEO of the Dubai Health Authority’s regulation sector, Dr Marwan Al Mulla said: “Benchmarking and measuring the quality of care is fundamental to help build a robust health system where patient-centric care and safety is the cornerstone. 

“We are working closely with the private sector to design a system which uses health data intelligently to help enhance health service delivery.

“Under the new system, consumers will have access to information that will empower them to make better choices about health care providers. It will also provide medical tourists with trustworthy, independently validated information about Dubai’s healthcare quality.”

Dr Al Mulla also highlighted benefits for the healthcare sector itself, adding: “The system will also allow for the development of a long-term reimbursement strategy, based on the evidence of the quality of care provided.”

Government agencies in the Emirates are already rated on a seven star system, with evidence seemingly suggesting that it helps to motivate employees to provide a consistently high standard of service. Whether or not the impact will be the same in the unique healthcare sector however remains to be seen.

Is the implementation of a star-rating system for hospitals a good idea, or is it inappropriate for the sector? Let us know your views on our social media channels.