Have You Considered a Move to Ghana?

Ghana Africa is an expatriate worker destination

Fraser Clarke

Ghana in West Africa is a location that few think about when considering a move overseas. However the country is developing at an impressive rate, and has become one of Africa’s most popular expat hubs.

Why is it so popular with expats though?

We’ve taken a look at five reasons to consider a move to the country.

1 - Financially Rewarding

Finances are probably the single biggest factor attracting people to a new life overseas, and Ghana can offer surprisingly attractive salary packages considering the image of poverty often associated with Africa.

Healthy basic salaries can be boosted by high commission rates, with employers also meeting the cost of transport and accommodation to ensure that they attract the highest possible standard of talent.

Coupled with a low cost of living, you might be surprised about just how rewarding a move can be.

2 - Kind & Welcoming Population

Ghanaians are considered some of the most friendly people on the planet, and their positive, friendly attitude is noticeable throughout the country.

It won’t take long to settle into the way of life, and the local population will be only too happy to help show you around. Learning a bit of the local language will also be hugely appreciated - even if you’re far from fluent!

3 - Opportunity to Make a Lasting Impact

Healthcare in Ghana is really starting to develop as the country becomes more and more financially prosperous. This gives you the opportunity to be involved in the start of something that could be really special.

Bringing Western qualifications and experience to the country will be invaluable, and you could have a major say in the way healthcare in the country is organised for ever. For a medic keen to leave a legacy, a move to Ghana could be ideal.

4 - ‘Easy Africa’

A move to Africa can be extremely daunting, however expats have christened Ghana ‘Easy Africa’ because of how little culture shock they experienced after making a move.

Accra is home to many large organisations’ African HQs, meaning that there is a large expat population and plenty of high quality hotels, restaurants and modern developments in the city. 

Ghana’s also peaceful, with little conflict between different religious groups in the country and neighbouring locations. 

5 - Safety

As well as being peaceful, Ghana is also one of the safest places in Africa. There is little serious crime and, assuming your savvy on the streets and know the areas to avoid, petty crime levels are also low.

This makes it one of the few African countries where it’s safe for an expat and their family to walk the streets - even after dark.

To find out more about upcoming roles in Ghana, register on our website today. A dream move could be far closer than you might imagine.