Five Things to See in Dubai


Fraser Clarke

Making a move is about much more than simply boosting your earnings or challenging yourself professionally. It also gives you the opportunity to explore a new part of the world.

That’s a major attraction for many of the expats we work with, so in our new series we’re going to look at five things not to miss out on in some of the locations where we work.

Part 1 - Five Things You Have to do in Dubai

1 - The Burj Khalifa

Obviously you couldn’t possibly spend time in Dubai without taking a trip up the world’s tallest building. A stunning achievement of engineering, the views from the top - especially at sunset - are absolutely breathtaking.

Even just standing beneath the building can be an incredible experience given the sheer size of it, making it a must-visit for anyone spending even a short time in the Emirate.

2 - A Dinner Cruise

As a city built around water, Dubai’s beautiful marina is home to a range of different activities, from all action water sports to quiet boat trips.

One of the most popular attractions however are the dinner cruises, where lavish vessels take diners through the Emirates’ waterways whilst they dine. These can be expensive, and the food isn’t always as good as in the restaurants, however for an experience it’s hard to top.

3 - Hot Air Balloon Rides

Being surrounded by untouched desert makes Dubai perfect for hot air balloon rides, with plenty of companies offering unforgettable trips.

Taking off either early in the morning or just before sunset, these can offer tremendous views across the city but from a quiet and safe distance.

Do your research and book with one of the most experienced, leading operators though - to avoid falling victim to any opportunists without the greatest safety standards.

4 - Traditional Dining

Dubai is a multicultural city with almost all tastes catered for, but it would be silly to visit the Middle East without trying out the region’s traditional dishes.

There are plenty of good restaurants, however Amaseena by the Marina is considered by many to be one of the best. Offering a diverse range of tastes from all over the Middle East there’s plenty to discover and try for anyone looking for an authentic Arabian experience.

5 - Go on a Desert Safari

Dubai might not have the natural scenery and wildlife of Western Europe or New Zealand, but that doesn’t mean that the deserts are boring - especially if you go on an organised safari.

Companies offer plenty of types of safari, but we’d recommend going on an evening or night safari. These allow you to enjoy a traditional evening meal under the crystal clear night sky, whilst sunrise and sunset can look incredible against the golden dunes.

If you’re interested in a permanent or locum move to Dubai register on our website today. A dream move could be far closer than you might imagine.