Five Biggest Attractions to New Zealand

New Zealand Sunset

Fraser Clarke

New Zealand might be on the other side of the world, but it’s still one of the most popular locations globally with medical professionals seeking a change from the NHS.

What really attracts them to the country though? We’ve taken a quick look at five big reasons to make the move ‘down under’.

1 - Plenty of Opportunities

Whilst it would be extreme to say that New Zealand has a skills shortage, there are plenty of job openings available for medics. This is especially the case in psychiatry and general practice.

New Zealand has major issues with mental illness, and experienced consultant psychiatrists are always sought after - with generous salary packages offered to anyone who is keen to help make a difference.

Other specialties are also sought after, so if you’re keen to make a move quickly then you might not have long to wait for the perfect opening.

2 - Relaxed Lifestyle

New Zealand’s laid-back way of life is renowned worldwide, making it perfect for those in need of a break from the hectic city lifestyle endured in the UK.

GPs in the country will commonly work a 38 hour week, with management keen to ensure that a healthy work/life balance is in place. Commuting is far less stressful than in the UK (and most of Europe) whilst stunning countryside can be reached in little time from the bustling city centres.

3 - A Safe Environment

Crime rates in New Zealand are far lower than in most similar countries, with the country prides itself on providing an open, fair and welcoming environment.

As London faces increasing issues with crime, New Zealand can offer an idyllic change without ever feeling restrictive.

4 - Healthy Lifestyle

New Zealand is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, and so it’s little surprise that the country promotes an active, healthy lifestyle.

The pleasant but not restrictively hot summers are ideal for long walks along the coast or through the rugged scenery, whilst the cold winters make the country ideal for skiing. The country’s lengthy coastline also makes it ideal for watersports all year round.

5 - Little Culture Shock

For many people considering relocating overseas, the prospect of culture shock is something which ends a move whilst it’s still in its infancy.

In New Zealand however the impact of this is likely to be minimal, especially for people moving from Western Europe or North America. English is the native language, the climate is similar and the nation’s major interests don’t differ either - with sport playing a huge part in everyday life.

The same is true of the working environment, with high standards in place nationwide and the latest technology available to be worked with.