5 Things You Have to Experience in Shanghai

A panorama of Shanghai China

Fraser Clarke

Making a move is about much more than simply boosting your earnings or challenging yourself professionally. It also gives you the opportunity to explore a new part of the world.

That’s a major attraction for many of the expats we work with, so in our new series we’re going to look at five things not to miss out on in some of our most popular locations.

Part 3 - Five Things You Have to Experience in Shanghai

1 - Go on a Food Tour

China is renowned worldwide for its cuisine, and Shanghai is the perfect place to experience authentic Chinese food.

The best way to do this is by going on a food tour, these run from the mid-afternoon and allow a local guide to take you round some of the best restaurants in the vast city. From high-class dining to rustic hidden gems.

If you’re living in Shanghai it’s an absolute must.

2 - Maglev Train

We normally wouldn’t bother recommending public transport, but Shanghai’s incredible Maglev train is quite different.

Capable of travelling at speeds in excess of 265mph, the Maglev is an incredible feat of engineering that perfectly sums up just how technologically advanced the city itself is. There’s even a museum looking at the history and future for the levitating railway.

3 - The Old City

Whilst Shanghai is known as a modern metropolis with stunning skyscrapers (and fast trains!), there is still plenty of traditional Chinese charm.

A small portion of the wall that protected Shanghai from Japanese invaders can still be seen, whilst the winding alleyways and bustling streets feel a world away from the large modern highways.

4 - Jing’an Temple

Sticking with the traditional attractions, the city’s Jing’an Temple appears surreal surrounded by modern shopping centres and skyscrapers. 

Originally constructed in 247AD, it has been moved, rebuilt and even used as a factory during its life - but now stands as a proud monument to China’s past, surrounded by its future.

Arguably the most beautiful building in the city it holds a mesmerising charm that shouldn’t be missed.

5 - Shanghai Financial Centre Observation Deck

Back to modern Shanghai now, and something that definitely isn’t for someone bothered by heights! Shanghai’s Financial Centre’s observation deck provides unbeatable views from the building’s 100th floor - more than 1,500 feet above the ground!

If you want to understand the sheer scale of the city, then nowhere can offer a better perspective.