5 Things to Do in Perth, Western Australia

Perth Western Australia, business district

Fraser Clarke

Making a move is about much more than simply boosting your earnings or challenging yourself professionally. It also gives you the opportunity to explore a new part of the world.

That’s a major attraction for many of the expats we work with, so in our new series we’re going to look at five things not to miss out on in some of our most popular locations.

Part 2 - Five Things You Have to do in Perth, Western Australia

1 - Cruise Swan River

The 60km Swan River runs through the heart of Perth, giving you a whole new perspective on the city. There are plenty of ways that you can explore it, but we’d recommend a river cruise. 

There are plenty of options available, from simple sightseeing tours to luxury dinner and wine-tasting cruises. These are easy to book and there are plenty of websites that can allow you to compare options prior to making a decision.

2 - Bell Tower

One of the most unique buildings in Australia, if not the world, the Bell Tower is home to 18 bells built into a stunning glass tower. 12 of these were originally donated by the Queen as a gift to the people of Western Australia from London’s St Martin-in-the-Fields church.

Nowadays the building is a hugely popular tourist attraction, which covers the history of the area and provides stunning views across the city from the viewing platform.

It’s one not to be missed.

3 - Take a Tour of a Winery

Australia is a country famous for its wine, and Perth is one of the biggest wine producers ‘down under’. As a result there are plenty of tours available that help to give you an inside knowledge of how the region produces its most famous export.

These are perfect for couples and larger social groups, whilst winerys remain popular events for corporate groups entertaining clients - including private healthcare providers.

4 - Nostalgia Box Museum

Perth is home to one of the only interactive video game museums in the world - and the only one in Australia.

You might think that this is more suitable for children, but the museum charts the history of games - from the early days of the Atari HomePong and ZX Spectrum to the present day - making it a real trip down memory lane for those of a certain age.

5 - Explore the Sealife

Moving on totally from Perth’s newest museum, the city’s clear waters make it perfect for exploring the sealife. Be that by swimming, snorkeling or scuba-diving, the warm climate and large amount of unspoilt coastline makes it one of the world’s best locations for anyone interested in spending their free time in the water.

The waters are home to a range of colourful fish, coral and sponges, with many more rural areas being totally untouched by the pollution that threatens to destroy their delicate habitat.