Visiting a GP...From Your Phone?


Fraser Clarke

Telemedicine in the United Arab Emirates has taken another step forward thanks to the launch of a new mobile application.

‘Health at Hand” will allow anyone to speak to a medic remotely via their Apple or Android device confidentially and securely, with records being stored within the application and therefore being easily available.

Based in Dubai, where many people struggle to find time to visit their family practitioner, it's hoped that the new software will encourage people to engage more frequently with medical professionals to help catch health issues at an early stage.

Consultations will last for around 15 minutes, after which patients are provided with a report and list of medication to take to a pharmacy.

The cost of the new system for the patient is a major selling point, with an adult paying just 250AED (£51) a year for unlimited consultations, whilst a two adult, three child family package is priced at just 450AED (£83) annually.

A pay as you go option is also available, priced at 100AED (£20) per consultation, with no long term commitment required.

Speaking at the official launch of the new product, founder and CEO of ‘Health at Hand’, Charlie Barlow, said: “It's the ideal solution for those who are time-poor but want to ensure that their health and wellbeing is looked after. Health at Hand quite literally puts the patient's health back in their hands.”

Does ‘Health at Hand’ represent the future of healthcare, or will it just be another gimmick that will fail to catch on? Let us know on our social media channels.