Scale of Devlopment in UAE Highlighted


Fraser Clarke

The latest Human Development Report published in the United Arab Emirates has highlighted just how much the country has changed over the past two decades.

Previously studied in the early 1990s, the latest findings have shown that life expectancy in the country has grown by almost six years nationwide, with residents in Dubai now expected to live until they reach the age of 82.

The findings mean that the Emirates is now ranked as one of the 50 most advanced countries on the planet, with healthcare, education and the economy all highlighted as being particular strengths.

A 16% increase in the quality of life was charted, leaving the UAE with a score akin to Spain, Portugal and Italy. This is made even more impressive when the considering that the Middle East region: “has never been as challenged with political instability, economic calamities and demanding circumstances as nowadays.”

Wages throughout the seven Emirates varied greatly, with Abu Dhabi’s average of $113,640 making it comfortably wealthier than Dubai ($59,866) and Umm al-Quwain ($44,241).

Despite the excellent results work still has to be done to improve the nation’s health, a fact highlighted by the United Nation’s coordinator for the UAE, Frode Mauring, who said: “Progress in the health sector is reflected in several aspects, including the quality of services in hospitals. This is spectacular progress but malnutrition, lack of physical activity and lifestyle in general still pose a threat to mortality rates.”

Despite there being fewer job opportunities than before in the UAE, the country has plenty to offer.

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