China Tops USA in New Report


Fraser Clarke

Fascinating new World Health Organisation data has shown China overtake the USA in healthy life expectancy for the first time.

Not to be confused with overall life expectancy, healthy life expectancy at birth works out the amount of years of healthy life that a newborn can expect to live after disability weights are applied.

According to the WHO report, children born in China in 2016 can now expect to enjoy 68.7 years of healthy life, compared to 68.5 for those born during the same time period in the United States.

The overall life expectancy remains slightly higher in the US - 78.5 years compared with 76.4 - however Americans are now considered more likely than the Chinese to suffer from serious ill health.

Including the US, only five countries saw their healthy life expectancy fall, with Afghanistan, Georgia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Somalia being the others. Meanwhile China’s growth puts it on a similar level to that of many developed Western locations.

Japan continues to lead the way in terms of overall life expectancy, whilst children in Singapore can look forward to living the most healthy years (76.2) - a figure that highlights just how impressive the island city state’s ultra-modern healthcare system is.

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