5 Things Expats Love About Singapore


Fraser Clarke

Singapore is regularly voted as the best location globally for expats, but what makes it so attractive to thousands of people every year?

We’ve taken a look at five of the country’s biggest attractions.

1 - It’s Safe and Clean

Singapore is one of the safest countries in the world. According to 2016 statistics, the city experienced over 130 crime free days a year - including small issues like shoplifting and break-ins.

As a result many shopkeepers leave their business unlocked all the time, whilst people feel comfortable enough to walk the streets at night with no fears. 

Singapore is also extremely clean. Litter is rarely seen, and a ban on chewing gum means that the pavements don’t have that all too familiar white pattern seen elsewhere on the planet.

If safety is one of your top priorities when deciding on a move, then Singapore could be the perfect location to call home.

2 - A Modern, High-Tech Workplace

Few cities can boast a skyline as modern as Singapore, and that sleek, modern development continues into the island’s healthcare sector.

New facilities are opening all the time, with investment in the latest medical technology rocketing as facilities attempt to outdo each other in a highly competitive marketplace.

If you’re interested in putting yourself at the pinnacle of medical technology than no other location on earth can rival Singapore.

3 - Outstanding Talent

Singapore has always been hugely popular with people seeking a better life overseas, however the island’s size means that it can afford to be extremely selective about the talent it brings in.

This makes the medical workforce in Singapore amongst the best trained in the world, with specialists moving from throughout Asia, Oceania, Europe and the Americas to challenge themselves in the country.

A move can be a fascinating one for your professional development - allowing you to meet and work alongside some of the world’s leading medical specialists.

4 - Education
It isn’t just the medical sector that plays host to some of the world’s top talent, the education sector is also recognised as one of the strongest on the planet.

Singapore is home to a range of outstanding international schools which attract a high standard of staff. 

Often expats are concerned about the impact a move could have on their child’s education, however this isn’t an issue in Singapore where the standard is often far higher than could be found in Europe.

The country is also home to no fewer than six prestigious Universities, making it ideal for a medic with an ambitious family.

5 - Culture Shock

Despite only being small in size, Singapore can feel like its own world. The country can offer everything from traditional Asian architecture and cuisine to a very Western way of life.

As it is a country built on immigration, English is the national language, making it easy to communicate with the large and diverse population. Likewise the high expat population means that it’s easy to find groups with similar interests to yourself.

Unlike other locations in Asia, the culture shock you experience in Singapore should be minimal.

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