Saudi Arabia Needs 20,000 More Hospital Beds


Fraser Clarke

Saudi Arabia will need 20,000 more hospital beds by 2035 a new report has claimed.

The publication, compiled by property consultancy group Knight Frank, highlights a projected growth in population as a key reason for the increased demand, whilst Saudi’s age demographics are set to change dramatically - with 44% of residents set to be over the age of 40 within the next 15 years.

That’s not all, a dramatic increase has also been noted in the number of people using private health insurance - a factor that will further up demand.

According to the research team, that makes now the ideal time to start planning your future in the Desert Kingdom. The forecast growth will lead to new facilities being offered - increasing job opportunities, and creating a competitive marketplace that will drive up the quality of care.

Speaking about the findings, Senior Healthcare Manager in the Kingdom, Dr Gireesh Kumar, said: “Over the next decade, population dynamics are forecast to shift, with a significant increase in the population who are over 40.

“This indicates an expected increase in the burden of lifestyle diseases, and the associated co-morbidities which would trigger an upsurge in demand for highly specialised medical and surgical care in the Kingdom.”

Whilst Shehzad Jamal, Education and Health partner at Knight Frank, added: “Healthcare is undergoing a transformation phase. A long term view and thorough research must be taken while investing in the sector to ensure investments match current and forecasted demand.”

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