Saudi Arabia Hits Exercise Target


Fraser Clarke

Saudi Arabian’s are starting to fight back against unhealthy lifestyles.

According to research carried out during the first three months of this year almost a quarter of people are now exercising at least once a week, a huge rise from just 13% in 2015.

The figures will come as a huge boost to the Kingdom’s Ministry of Health who set a target of getting 20% of people active by 2020.

A large chunk of the success has been down to the Saudi General Sport Authority (GSA) who have introduced neighbourhood football leagues, community sports groups and organised the Riyadh Marathon. 

Prince Abdulaziz Al-Faisal, Chairman of the GSA, and himself a successful racing driver, said: “This result is a huge motivator for us to even work harder to serve all different sports and physical activities.

“This accomplishment is due to the collaborative efforts of all departments within GSA and other governmental stakeholders, these efforts have generated a positive reaction from the people of Saudi Arabia to better the quality of their lives, they’ve realised the true benefits of sport to them and to all members of society.”

Saudi Arabia, as with the rest of the Gulf, is facing a huge battle with obesity, caused mainly by poor diets and a lack of exercise. Work is now taking place across the region to combat this, and lessen the strain placed on the area’s healthcare systems.

With Saudi leading the way thanks to some innovative ideas there has never been a more attractive time to move to the Desert Kingdom.

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